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CAUT responds to UBC President Ono re: PWIAS

28 February 2019

The Canadian Association of University Teachers replied to UBC President Santa Ono’s letter of February 8, 2019 in response to concerns raised by CAUT surrounding recent developments at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (PWIAS). The letter is available at this link

Forum for UBC-V Faculty Candidates: Board of Governor Election

The video recording of the BoG Election Forum held on Wednesday, May 23 for UBC-V Faculty Candidates is now available to view at this link. 

Final Report on Freedom of Information Requests Filed in September 2015

This letter is to update you on the status of several Freedom of Information (FOI) requests filed by the UBCFA in September 2015 surrounding the resignation of President Arvind Gupta.

Our purpose in filing these complaints was to clarify the procedure and documentation surrounding the Board of Governors’ management of the resignation of President Gupta as well as ensuing events.

Our complaints were divided into several files by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. The principal outcomes are as follows:

UBCFA concerns regarding UBC Chancellor reappointment

UBCFA’s letter from the Mark Mac Lean, President to the Chancellor Reappointment Committee, April 26, 2017 – to view, please follow this link.

Meeting with the UBC Board of Governors

UBCFA President Mark Mac Lean spoke at today’s meeting with the UBC Board of Governors. He discussed a number of concerns with Board operations previously outlined in a written submission sent to the Board earlier this week. The UBCFA submission to the Board of Governors may be found here.

Member Advisory – Request for Clarification regarding UBC Board of Governors Management Practices

On 22 March 2016, the UBC Faculty Association filed a request for clarification from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia as to legislative requirements for the management practices of the UBC Board of Governors. The full text of this submission may be found here.

April 14, 2016 Meeting with the UBC Board of Governors

On March 24, the Faculty Association responded to a UBC Broadcast email announcing the Association’s acceptance of the Board of Governors’ invitation to attend a meeting on April 14th. In our response, we indicated that the meeting format outlined in the UBC Broadcast email was inadequate…

Results from the No Confidence vote

March 29, 2016: 

Please follow this link to view the notice to members with the results of this vote.

Response from S. Belkin, UBC Board of Governors

On February 3, the Faculty Association sent an open letter to the new Chair of the Board of Governors, Mr. Stuart Belkin, asking for an external review of the Board and its operations.

Notice of Meeting and Notice of Motion

Members should have received a notice regarding the presentation of a petition to the UBC Faculty Association signed by over 450 faculty seeking to have a membership vote on a no confidence motion. The motion, sponsored by Jonathan Ichikawa (Philosophy), Juliet O’Brien (FHIS), and Alan Richardson (Philosophy) is as follows: