UBCFA Response – Policy 3

The UBCFA has responded to the University’s call for comments on the Proposed Amendments to Policy 3 (Discrimination and Harassment). Our correspondence to Hubert Lai, Q.C., University Counsel is available at this link. Thank you to those members who provided their comments as we formulated our response.  

Bargaining 2019 Updates

Bargaining Preparation Continues

Preparation for collective bargaining is almost complete. Thank you to the members who have taken the time to fill out the survey, meet with us, or email us with comments and concerns. Your input was crucial for developing the proposals that we will take to the table. On January 17, 2019 the Executive Committee approved the proposals the Association plans to take to the bargaining table. Our first bargaining session with the University is scheduled for the third week of February.

(D)Evolution of the Bargaining Unit

In preparation for bargaining we have tracked the growth and changes in our bargaining unit over the past decade. Knowing who we are and how we’ve changed as a group of faculty, librarians, and program directors helps us determine how the university is evolving (or devolving) and which trends we might need to address. The table tracks the composition of our active membership in 2006, 2012, 2015, and 2017… 

The Importance of General Wage Increases

When the Faculty Association negotiates a new Collective Agreement with UBC, one of the issues that often seems intuitive and straightforward is actually an important part of our work to help our members: a General Wage Increase (GWI). There are four main factors that contribute to the core importance of negotiating a strong GWI.