Standing Committees

Reporting to the Executive Committee, the Faculty Association has six standing committees that assist with the overall mandate of the Association.

Committees are chaired by an elected representative, who is also a member of the Faculty Association’s Executive Committee, and comprised of other volunteers drawn from the general membership of the Association. Below are the current Committee Chairs and a brief description of each committee’s mandate. For more information on the work of Faculty Association committees, please contact the Faculty Association

Contract Faculty Committee
Chair, Contract Faculty Committee

Sarika Bose


The mandate of this Committee includes facilitating, networking, advocacy and assistance with policy development on behalf of contract faculty; formulating contract faculty priorities for collective bargaining; and, ensuring that the rights of contract faculty under the Collective Agreement are respected. View the Terms of Reference for this Committee. 

Librarians and Archivists Committee
Chair, Librarians and Archivists Committee

Anne Olsen

Koerner Library

The Librarians and Archivists Committee acts as a forum for ideas regarding internal library matters, and promotes and encourage means of continuing education and professional development for Librarians and Archivists. View the Terms of Reference for this Committee. 

Member Services & Grievance Committee
Chair, Member Services and Grievance Committee

Bronwen Sprout


The Member Services and Grievance Committee is responsible for overseeing the processing and resolution of complaints and grievances, and recommending for or against arbitration proceedings. View the Terms of Reference for this Committee.

Equity Committee
Chair, Equity Committee

Elisa Baniassad

Computer Science

This Committee is responsible for indentifying structural sources of ableism, bias, inequity and exclusion within the University and exploring measures to reduce and elimintate these systemic barriers to inclusion. Members also assist the FA in networking, advocacy and promotion of social justice, equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion within the FA, the Univeristy and the UBC Community more broadly. 

Okanagan Faculty Committee
Chair, Okanagan Faculty Committee

Kevin Chong

Creative Writing

This Committee considers matters and develops local activities specific to UBCO and provides a forum for direct communication with members at the Kelowna campus. View the Terms of Reference for this Committee.

Anti-Racism and Indigenous Initiatives Committee
Chair, Anti-Racism and Indigenous Initiatives Committee


Anti-Racism and Indigenous Initiatives Committee: This Committee is responsible for identifying sources of structural racism, anti-Blackness and colonialism at UBC and exploring measures to reduce and eliminate these and other forms of bias and discrimination against racialized members. Members engage in advocacy, networking and other activities to promote and advance social justice, reconciliation and decolonization within the FA, UBC and the University Committee more broadly.