As a guide to the current Faculty salary structure and the different pools of salary-increase funds at UBC, here are some details of the current salary agreement, links to the current minimum scales for librarians and sessional lecturers, and guidelines for awarding of Career Progress Increments for Faculty.

Starting Salary

Your starting salary is negotiated between you and your Department Head when you are offered an appointment. With the exception of Librarian, Sessional faculty and Lecturer positions, the University has neither salary scales nor minimum scales. To negotiate effectively you should know average salaries for your rank, faculty and years of experience at this and comparable institutions. The Faculty Association may be able to provide information about current average salaries at UBC.

Salary Increases

Salary increases and other economic benefits are negotiated annually by the Faculty Association for all continuing members. Increases may include a general increase, and/or amounts for the Career Advancement Plan which includes Career Progress, Merit and Performance Salary Adjustment. Salary increases usually become effective on July 1. When there is a general increase, all continuing members usually receive it.

Career Progress Increments

Career Progress Increments (CPI) are awarded to eligible members according to agreed guidelines when provided for in the annual bargained agreement. Members who are eligible, but who are not awarded an increment, are entitled to an explanation, in writing if they so request. In cases where a faculty member is promoted before receiving all CPI applicable to his or her rank, the remaining increments will be carried forward and awarded (to a maximum of one c/f unit per year) in addition to those applicable to the higher rank, until they are exhausted. The Career Progress Increment Scale is available at this link  (Adopted under the Collective Agreement for 1994/95. The dollar amount of the CPI unit varies from year-to-year). 

Unit values from 1996-present:

2022     $2,151
2021     $2,119
2020     $2,023
2019     $2,172
2018     $2,167
2017     $2,202
2016     $1,981
2015     $1,875
2014     $1,854
2013     $1,684
2012     $1,632
2011     $1,618
2010     $1,580
2009     $1,499
2008     $1,425
2007     $1,354
2006     $1,296
2005     $1,233
2004     $1,213
2003     $1,215
2002     $1,200
2001     $1,145
2000     $1,113
1999     $1,103
1998     $1,050
1997     $1,030
1996     $1,100


Merit and PSA awards are granted at the discretion of the University when provided for the annual bargained agreement. The Association negotiates the total amount to be allocated to such awards and the processes and criteria for awarding merit and PSA are delineated in the Collective Agreement. The Association can assist you if you have concerns about how merit/psa are being awarded or withheld. Criteria for merit awards are the same as those for promotion and tenure. Members continue to be eligible for consideration for merit awards and performance salary adjustments while on study leave.


Minimum salaries for librarians are available in the current Collective Agreement at this link.

Please note that Part-time General Librarians with appointments less than 50% or less than one (1) year receive 12% in lieu of benefits and vacation pay.


As of July 1, 2019 there is a new salary minimum of $64,872 for full-time Lecturers.


The current minimum salary scales for sessional lecturers are available in the current Collective Agreement at this link.