Hiring & Appointments: Librarians

The hiring process at UBC is bound by Policy AP11, which stipulates that except in extraordinary situations all UBC positions are filled only after an open competition and review by a formally constituted hiring body.

Librarian Initial Appointment

If you are being recruited to UBC, we may be able to help you understand your options.

Many of the terms in an offer letter may be negotiated.

There is a minimum salary scale for Librarians that sets the floor for salaries, but not the ceiling – it is possible to be paid higher than the minimum salary. Information about benefits is available at this link

Librarian Reappointment

Your initial appointment at UBC will be for three years; typically by the end of your second year of continuous service a recommendation will be made to either grant or deny you a confirmed appointment, analogous to achieving tenure. See the Collective Agreement for specifics. You may also wish to contact the UBC Librarians’ Association for mentoring and assistance.