University Proposals 2014

7 April 2014

Based on the University’s objective of creating an exceptional learning environment which requires an approach that better rewards merit, and in accordance with the University’s guiding Principles and Values for bargaining, we propose the following revisions to the Collective Agreement between the University and the Faculty Association.

1. Term of Agreement
The University proposes a five year term for the Collective Agreement. We believe it is in all of our interests to have a longer term for the Collective Agreement.
Article 26 – Part 1: Framework for Collective Bargaining (p. 26)

2. Compensation
We propose to discuss compensation matters at a later bargaining session. The University’s monetary proposal will be in keeping with the PSEC 2014 Economic Stability mandate. The University’s proposal will also be in compliance with the language of the collective agreement.

3. Merit and Performance Salary Adjustment (PSA)
We propose to revise the review time period for merit and PSA awards so that it is based on the calendar year rather than the fiscal year. Articles 2.03, 2.04 – Part 2: Salaries and Economic Benefits (pp. 35 to 38)

4. Retirement Options
The University proposes to discuss whether revisions to Letter of Understanding 2: Re: Retirement Options would be beneficial to the faculty members and the University.
Part 1: Framework for Collective Bargaining (p. 29-32)

5. Sessional Lecturers / Lecturers
The University proposes revisions to the Collective Agreement to realign the positions of lecturers and sessional lecturers so rights of reappointment are provided only to the lecturers who meet a rigorous standard of review for their appointment and reappointment. In the implementation process, the University proposes to increase the number of lecturer positions and enhance the opportunities for long term positions while returning the position of a sessional lecturer to a true temporary appointment.

In this realignment, the University, as part of its commitment to enhance professional and career development for students, also proposes that PhD students be given teaching opportunities to assist in their professional development (with a cap on the number of courses that can be taught, as provided for in University Policy 75) without an appointment as a Sessional Lecturer.

6. Tenure and Criteria for Promotion

  1. Revise the existing tenure and promotion processes to allow for tenure only in conjunction with promotion to Associate Professor. This would eliminate tenure at the position of Assistant Professor going forward. At the same time, clarify the rigorous criteria and expectations for the more senior ranks.
  2. Define “eligible faculty member” in Article 5. 04{b) for the purposes of determining which rank votes on the appointment, reappointment, tenure and promotion decisions for the teaching and professoriate streams.
  3. “Without Prejudice”: Amend Article 5.14 to confirm the President has the right to consult with the Provosts or Deputy Vice Chancellor in appropriate cases regarding the decision he proposes to make. If any new information is discussed the candidate will be provided with the opportunity to respond to the new information.

Articles 2, 3, and 5 – Part 4: Conditions of Appointment for Faculty (pp. 65-80)

7. Maternity/Parental/Adoptive Leave During Pre-Tenure Period
The University proposes that the Collective Agreement be revised to create a rational connection between the leave time taken for maternity or parental leave and the length of the tenure clock extension. The University is proposing that the one year extension of the tenure clock only be provided if the maternity or parental leave is longer than 15 weeks.

Article 1 provides “except in the case of maternity or parental leave any period of leave taken during a pre-tenure appointment shall be included in the years of service in that pre-tenure appointment. When a member of faculty on a pre-tenure appointment is granted maternity or parental leave, the length of the pre-tenure appointment shall be extended by one year …”
Article 1- Leaves of Absence Agreement (p. 55)

8. Article 17 – Preservation of Past Rights and Practices
The University proposes that operation of Article 17 be suspended for the length of the collective agreement as it relates to any possible new matters becoming “traditionally the subject of  consultation and direction”. This would not in any way affect the matters that are already covered by Article 17. The purpose of this proposal is to encourage a fuller discussion on new practices and initiatives.

Article 17 provides that “the University agrees not to change rights of or practices relating to Faculty Members or members of the bargaining unit that traditionally have been the subject of consultation and discussion without appropriate consultation and discussion at the Departmental, Faculty or University level”.

Article 17 – Part 1: Framework for Collective Bargaining (p. 18)

9. Library Component (pp. 91- 107)
We propose changes to the Collective Agreement that will bring Librarians’ terms and conditions more in line with Faculty in keeping with the desire expressed by Librarians to be accorded with equal status and privileges.

10. Negotiated Duty to Accommodate Provision
We propose to add a provision which will establish a specified number of years the University will provide a guarantee of job protection to accommodate individuals while absent on long term disability benefits.

11. Housekeeping
We will propose general housekeeping changes including:

  1. Part 1: Framework for Collective Bargaining, Definitions: Remove “executive director”. This definition is set out in Part 6 for Program Directors and should be used for that Part only (p. 6).
  2. Part 1: Framework for Collective Bargaining, Appendix A: add “Associate Vice Presidents of the University”, “The Provost”, and delete “Executive Directors of the University” (p. 27).
  3. Part 1: Framework for Collective Bargaining, LOU #2 Article 2.03: reword because retirement options are no longer a pilot project (p. 30).
  4. Part 2: Salaries and Economic Benefits, Article 7.06: redraft the language for pensions based on the recent arbitration award (p. 44).
  5. Part 2: Salaries and Economic Benefits, Article 7.11: remove all references to “CTLT” because CTLT no longer hires faculty (p. 46).
  6. Part 5: Conditions of Appointment for Librarians, Article 9.01, the definition of “sexual harassment”: add “Discrimination” to “Policy Number 3: Discrimination and Harassment” (p.101).
  7. Part 7: Conditions of Appointment for Sessional Faculty Members, Article 1.01: delete reference to “CTLT” because they are no longer appointing sessional faculty members (p.114).
  8. Part 7: Conditions of Appointment for Sessional Faculty Members, Article 16: rename this article to reflect that it covers benefits (p. 125).
  9. General: make consistent signature or lack of signature at the bottom of MOAs and LOUs.