CA2012-2014: Part 1: Framework for Collective Bargaining

Collective Agreement between
The University of British Columbia
and the
Faculty Association of The University of British Columbia

(July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2014)

Part 1: Framework for Collective Bargaining

Part C, Article 13. Notification of Workload (See Page 11 of the Collective Agreement)

13.01 Preamble

  1. The academic workload of a faculty member is a combination of self-directed and assigned tasks undertaken in fulfillment of his/her academic responsibilities in the areas of teaching, scholarly activity and service to the University and the community.
  2. Academic units vary in their contributions to the University. As such, it is understood that what constitutes normal workload will vary from one unit to another.

13.02 Principles Governing the Assignment of Workload

The University is committed to:

  1. a reasonable and equitable distribution of workload for faculty;
  2. a transparent process of workload allocation within a unit, which has decisions being made in accordance with criteria that are communicated to members within that unit;
  3. flexibility in workload allocation that reflects the University’s obligations and the unique missions of units, and is consistent with the type of appointment held by faculty members;
  4. a general approach to workload allocation that has been developed taking into consideration the operational requirements of the University and the unit and the input of members of the unit;
  5. workload allocation that takes into consideration the comprehensive nature of the scope of activities and expectations appropriate to the faculty member’s appointment, including approved participation in programs outside the unit.

13.03 Unit Workload

  1. The Head of each academic unit shall notify members annually of the unit’s general approach to workload.
  2. The normal workload within units shall be consistent with the operating obligations of the unit, the Faculty and the University.
  3. Prior to finalizing workloads, the Head shall offer the opportunity for members of the unit to provide their views and relevant information pertaining to workloads.
  4. The Head shall assign workload to members in accordance with the principles governing the assignment of workload (Article 13.02), the unit’s general approach to workload, and other factors relevant to the individual member.

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