Heads and Directors

Heads, Chairs and Directors are members of the Faculty Association and all of the protections and terms afforded to faculty are available to them. Processes for the selection, appointment and reappointment of Heads are set out in UBC’s Policy AP9.

Heads & Directors are normally full professors appointed by a collegial process from within the department. Deans will sometimes authorize an external search for a head/director.

Heads and Directors normally serve 3-5-year terms; the length of term and its renewal can be negotiated.

Heads & Directors normally receive teaching release (full or partial), a minimum administrative stipend of $5000 each year, and administrative leave at the end of their term to enable them to reintegrate into teaching and research.

In Vancouver, Heads & Directors are also eligible for the Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP) which offers a series of workshops and seminars to train and inform new heads and directors.

We can assist you in three major parts of your work as a head or director:

  1. Negotiating and clarifying the terms of your own position as head;
  2. When you need help applying and implementing elements of the Collective Agreement for the members of your Unit (promotion and tenure protocols, posting of appointments, etc)
  3. Assisting you in handling a problem or potential grievance against the University which may arise within your unit;
  4. Providing you with representation as appropriate if you are directly involved in a conflict or grievance or disciplinary action.