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UBCFA Response to Draft Sexual Assault Policy 131

Margot Young, Chair of UBCFA’s Status of Women Committee, has responded to the University’s call for feedback on the development of a new sexual assault policy.

Your opinion on UBC’s Draft Sexual Assault Policy

Update: the University Counsel is extending the period of consultation for the draft Sexual Assault Policy until October 31, 2016. The Faculty Association continues to welcome comments from our members. 

Join the Dialogue: Developing UBC’s Assault Policy

The Faculty Association welcomes the discussion on sexual assault policies that President Piper announced in her email of 23 November 2015. Faculty are troubled by all harms to members of the UBC academic community—students, alumni, staff, and faculty. We look forward to sharing faculty research and experiential expertise with the administration as it deals with this issue. As this matter is a grave concern, we urge UBC to develop a policy to be in place no later than the start of classes next September—and promise engagement and cooperation throughout the process.

To facilitate continuing faculty participation in the development of appropriate policies, UBCFA members are invited to send comments to the UBC Faculty Association (faculty.association@ubc.ca) by January 15th.