CA2012-2014: Part 2, Article 7.08

Supplement to UBCFA Bargaining Blog April 23, 2015

Tuition Fee Waiver Proposals

Collective Agreement 2012-2014, Part 2, Article 7.08 Tuition Fee Waivers

“Tuition waivers are available only to members and dependent children; spouses are not eligible for tuition benefits at UBC. Pro-rated benefits shall be provided to part-time faculty members and Sessional Lecturers.

Members are entitled to up to 12 credits per year of undergraduate or graduate coursework.

Dependent children are eligible for up to 120 credits of coursework in an undergraduate degree program. Dependent children must be under the age of 25 years when the session for which the Tuition Fee Waiver is applicable commences, and substantially dependent on you for financial support.”

To access the full 2012-2014 Collective Agreement, please follow this link: 2012-2014 Collective Agreement

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