About Us

The UBC Faculty Association is committed to promoting the interests of UBC Faculty and UBC, upholding principles of academic freedom and freedom from discrimination and harassment. The UBCFA acts as the bargaining agent of all faculty members employed by the University of British Columbia and regulates relations between the faculty members and the University through collective bargaining.

The Faculty Association of the University of British Columbia was formed in 1920 for the purpose of facilitating members’ social and employment relationship with the University. The Faculty Association is now a registered non-profit society incorporated under the Societies Act in British Columbia. Since 2000, we have also been a voluntarily recognized union and the sole bargaining agent for our more than 3,200 members under the protection and rules of the Labour Relations Code of British Columbia. We are therefore responsible for representing all of our members in matters arising out of the Collective Agreement and out of the collective bargaining relationship with the University, including matters that form most of the terms and conditions of the employment relationship between a member and the University more generally. As the exclusive bargaining agent for our members, we have a corresponding legal duty under the Labour Relations Code to fairly represent our members in all matters relating to employment. Whatever your concern or request, the Faculty Association will do its best to assist you.

The Faculty Association also represents the interests of the faculty at UBC beyond matters in the Collective Agreement. Article 16 of our Collective Agreement states: “Nothing in the Collective Agreement shall be interpreted as restricting the role of the Faculty Association in representing the interests of its members at the University. The University recognizes that this role traditionally has extended, and will continue to extend, beyond the matters to which the Collective Agreement relates.” 

Interested in Volunteering?

The Faculty Association relies on the volunteer efforts of its members. As a member you can run for elected office, volunteer on a committee, assist us with expert research or advice, or provide support in a variety of other ways. If you are interested in helping with the work of the Association, please contact us.