As defined in the Agreement on Conditions of Appointment for Librarians, ‘librarian’ means a person appointed by the Board of Governors of the University of British Columbia as a librarian or an archivist. Each librarian and archivist is classified as a General Librarian or Administrative Librarian.

An initial appointment as a librarian requires at least an undergraduate degree and a degree from an accredited school of library, archival or information science, or alternative qualifications accepted by the University. It may also require appropriate experience and knowledge of a particular subject.

Types of Appointment

There are main two types of appointment: a term appointment or a confirmed appointment. The term of every appointment and the termination date should be clearly stated on the appointment notice.

Term Appointments

Term appointments are of the following two kinds:

(a) Term Appointments Without Review

These are either full-time or part-time appointments for a specified limited term, and carry no implication that the term will be extended or renewed. They are normally one year in length, and full-time appointments without review may not be held for more than three (3) consecutive years.

(b) Confirmation-Track Appointments

Confirmation-track appointments are full-time appointments and are the equivalent of tenure-track positions. They are normally set for a 3-year term and lead to a consideration for a confirmed appointment, typically in the third year. If a decision is made at that point not to grant a confirmed appointment, that decision will normally be followed by a one-year terminal appointment.

Confirmed appointments

A confirmed appointment as a librarian is the equivalent of tenure.

Confirmed appointments are full-time appointments except when the University and a librarian have agreed to change such an appointment from full-time to part-time. They cannot be terminated before retirement except in accordance with Part 5: Conditions of Appointment for Librarians, Article 9, of the Collective Agreement or for financial exigency or redundancy as per the Collective Agreement.

Minimum Salary Scale for General Librarians

There is a minimum salary scale for General Librarians which is negotiated by the Faculty Association. As a general rule, the salary scale should be increased annually at a minimum by the same amount as general salary increases. For the current minimum salary for librarians, please visit this link

Part-time General Librarians with appointments less than 50% or less than one (1) year receive 12% in lieu of benefits and vacation pay.

Career Progress Increments

Career Progress Increments (CPI) are awarded to eligible members according to criteria outlined in Article 3 of the Agreement on Conditions of Appointment for Librarians. The over-riding criterion for the award of CPI is satisfactory career progress. Members who are eligible, but who are not awarded an increment, are entitled to an explanation, in writing if they so request.

Schedule of Career Progress Increments for Librarians




















Value of Career Progress Increments

The dollar amount of the CPI unit varies from year to year. Unit values from 1996 – present are available on our Salaries page.

Merit & Performance Salary Adjustments (PSA) Awards

Librarians are eligible for Merit and Performance Salary Adjustments (PSA) awards. The Merit and PSA awards are granted at the discretion of the University as provided for in the annual bargained agreement. The Association negotiates the total amount to be allocated to such awards, but has no part in deciding who gets them. Criteria for merit awards takes into consideration the criteria set out in Article 3 of the Agreement on Conditions of Appointment for Librarians. Criteria for PSA are also listed in the Agreement. Members continue to be eligible for consideration for merit awards, and performance salary adjustments while on study leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which agreement am I covered under?

Librarians are covered under the Agreement on Conditions of Appointment for Librarians.

Q: Are Librarians eligible for study leave?

Librarians have the right to apply for sabbatical on the same terms as faculty. See the Collective Agreement for the complete terms and conditions for study leave.