Faculty Association Proposals 2016

On 26 January 2017, the Association tabled the proposals below. Proposals are only the very first exchange of information between bargaining parties, to begin the bargaining conversation. Specific language and priorities will develop as a result of ongoing conversation between the parties.


1. The Association proposes to amend Part 2, Articles 1 through 5, to provide a general salary increase sufficient to keep pace with inflation and the general state of salaries elsewhere. The Association proposes to amend the Sessional and Librarian scales to raise each step by the GWI.

2. The Association proposes to amend Part 7, Article 1, and Part 2, Article 4, to provide for

  1. consistent minimum salary scales for Sessionals; and
  2. a minimum starting salary for Lecturers.

3. The Association proposes modification to Progress through the Ranks (PTR) in Part 2, Article 2, to ensure members are paid PTR awards and increments in a timely fashion.

4. The Association proposes that all lecturers be eligible for PTR regardless of the length of their appointment.

5. The Association proposes to introduce a retroactive salary clause to Part 2.


6. The Association proposes to amend Part 2, Article 7, to provide full pension benefits for all Sessionals.

7. The Association proposes to amend Part 2, Article 7.02a, to provide better eye care coverage for members.

8. The Association proposes that Article 7.08 in Part 2 of the Collective Agreement be amended to provide that a member’s tuition fee waiver may be transferred to his or her spouse or partner.

9. The Association proposes a change to Part 2, Article 7.09, so that the professional development reimbursement fund is adequate to provide members with the means and professional development opportunities to fulfill UBC’s vision, values and commitments.

10. The Association proposes to modify Part 2, Article 7.12, to ensure that faculty members’ access to benefits is not limited by age:

  1. extended health care; and
  2. pension benefits.

11. The Association proposes to modify Part 1, Article 13, to

  1. create workload language that is consistent with best practices at major Canadian research universities;
  2. provide maximum annual teaching loads for Lecturers;
  3. insure faculty members cannot be expected to teach in more than two terms in any academic year; and
  4. introduce workload language specific to Librarians and Archivists.

12. The Association proposes to modify the maternity leave article.

Sessional Lecturers

13. The Association proposes a new Article in Part 7 to give part-time Sessional Lecturers

  1. the right to accrue additional courses for which they are qualified, on a seniority basis; and
  2. priority over external applicants for newly created Lecturer positions.

14. The Association proposes to

  1. modify Part 4, Article 7.03, to introduce a right of reappointment for Lecturers; and
  2. modify Part 1, Article 1.01, to refine the definition of Lecturer.
Educational Leadership Stream

15. The Association proposes to modify the titles of the ranks in the Educational Leadership Stream to be more consistent with practice at comparator universities.


16. The Association proposes revisions to Part 5 to:

  1. add a definition of Heads including provisions for administrative leaves and stipends; and
  2. amend the language of Article 4.02 on Selection Committees to remove the need for administrative librarians and allow probationary and confirmed librarians and archivists’ participation on those committees.
Procedures for Appointment, Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion

17. The Association proposes to amend Part 4, Article 5, to

  1. clarify appointment, promotion and tenure processes at the departmental and decanal levels;
  2. ensure procedures in non-departmentalized units are consistent with departmentalized faculties; and
  3. ensure that anonymous comments are used in personnel decisions only at the discretion of the faculty member

18. The Association proposes that members who are denied tenure, and who have not yet taken sabbatical, be permitted to take a sabbatical during their terminal year without the necessity of returning for one year.

19. The Association proposes to amend Part 4, Article 2.03g, so that when a member is denied tenure, and the grievance is not resolved within the terminal year, the member’s appointment is extended.


20. The Association proposes a two-year term for the Agreement.


21. We have a number of general housekeeping issues to raise, as well as a few technical issues to achieve.