Lecturers are “teaching only” faculty at UBC. The primary responsibility of faculty in this rank is to teach credit courses. Lecturers are also expected to participate fully in the affairs of their departments and undertake service assignments within their departments, and are eligible to participate in university-wide service activities.

Lecturer appointments (and reappointments) are for one to eight years. When a lecturer has held appointments in six successive academic years in any one unit, any subsequent reappointment as Lecturer in the unit will be for a minimum of three years. After nine years of successive service any subsequent appointment will be for a minimum of five years. While most Lecturers will be appointed to full-time contracts, part-time contracts are also possible and will be implemented in accordance with the provisions governing reduced appointments under the Collective Agreement (Part 8). All Lecturers are eligible for benefits as well as CPI, merit and PSA adjustments 

You can find additional helpful information in our Contract Faculty Handbook here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which agreement am I covered under?

Lecturers are covered under the Agreement on Conditions of Appointment for Faculty.

Q: Is there any guarantee that my Lecturer appointment will be renewed?

Lecturer appointments are expected to be renewed for successive terms of up to five (5) years each upon demonstration of excellence in teaching (as defined in Article 4.02). Appointments may not be renewed or may be revoked during the term for reasons such as lack of funding, falling enrollment, or other operational reasons (Article 2.02 e).

Q: If I am not renewed as a Lecturer, can I still work as a Sessional Lecturer?

If you worked as a Sessional Lecturer before you were a Lecturer, then you can return to that position if you are not renewed. You maintain all your accumulated service and benefits and your rights as a sessional.