CA2012-2014: Part 1, Article 11.02

Collective Agreement between
The University of British Columbia
and the
Faculty Association of The University of British Columbia

(July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2014)

Article 11.02

e) In making its award, the Arbitration Board shall give first consideration to the University’s ability to pay the cost of an award from its general purpose operating funds. In doing so, with due regard to the primacy of the University’s academic purpose and the central role of Faculty Members, Librarians and Program Directors in achieving it, the Arbitration Board shall take account of the University’s need to preserve a reasonable balance between the salary of members of the bargaining unit and other expenditures. If the Arbitration Board is satisfied that the University has the ability to pay the cost of an award, it shall base its award on the following criteria:

ii) changes in the Vancouver and Canadian Consumer Price Indices;

iii) changes in British Columbian and Canadian Average Salaries and Wages; and

iv) salaries and benefits at other Canadian universities of comparable academic quality and size.

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Collective Agreement 2012-2014

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