The Faculty Association has eight paid full-time staff to support and carry out the day-to-day work of the Union. Staff and their responsibilities include:

  • Executive Director: responsible for overall office management and the operation of the Faculty Association
  • Associate Executive Director: assists the Executive Director with the Association’s operation and office management
  • Senior Membership Services Officer: provides leadership to labour relations representatives and advice and representation to members
  • 3 Membership Services Officers: provide advice to members and representation throughout the grievance process
  • Executive Assistant: responsible for administrative support to the Executive Director and Executive Committee as well as office administration
  • Communications Coordinator: responsible for the website and member communications

Please contact us if you need information or assistance regarding any employment-related issue. 

Deena Rubuliak
Executive Director
T. 604.822-3301
E. [email protected]

Robin Jane Roff
Associate Executive Director
T. 604.822.0934
E. [email protected]

Sarah Hornstein
Senior Membership Services Officer
T. 604.822.6126
E. [email protected]

Ryan O’Neill
Membership Services Officer
T. 604.822.2651
E. [email protected]

Sean Hillman
Membership Services Officer
T. 604.822.5897
E. [email protected]

Shayna Frawley
Membership Services Officer
T. 604.822.3603
E. [email protected]

Jan Gunn
Executive Assistant
T. 604.822.3746
E. [email protected]

Emma Burry
Communications Coordinator
T. 604.822.3883
E. [email protected]