The Faculty Association has seven paid full time staff to support and carry out the day-to-day work of the Faculty Association. Staff and their responsibilities include:

  • Executive Director: responsible for overall office management and the operation of the Faculty Association
  • 4 Membership Services Officers: provide advice to members and representation throughout the grievance process
  • Executive Assistant: responsible for administrative support to the Executive Director and Executive Committee as well as office administration
  • Communications Coordinator: responsible for the website and member communications

Please contact us if you need information or assistance regarding any employment-related issue. (Please note that staff are mostly working off-site at this time due to the current pandemic.)

Deena Rubuliak
Executive Director
T. 604.822-3301

Robin Jane Roff
Senior Membership Services Officer
T. 604.822.0934

Lillian Deeb
Membership Services Officer
T. 604.822.5897

Sarah Hornstein
Membership Services Officer
T. 604.822.6126

Ryan Toews
Membership Services Officer
T. 604.822.2651

Jan Gunn
Executive Assistant
T. 604.822.3746

Cynthia Thom
Communications Coordinator
T. 604.822.3883