The friendly team at UBC Faculty Staff Housing and Relocation Services are happy to help new (or potential) tenured or tenure-track faculty to navigate and/or find housing in Vancouver area neighbourhoods. The team can meet with you to discuss your housing needs or exchange emails or phone calls at your convenience. Meetings and communication can take place at the job offer or interview stage or at any time before you arrive (the sooner the better). The conversation about housing may include whether you want to rent or buy a home, neighbourhood preferences, how far you are willing to commute (if you do not want to live on the UBC campus) and if you have any family needs such as access to schools or child care or if your home should be child or pet friendly. For more information, visit the UBC Housing and Relocation Services website.

For new or potential faculty at our Okanagan Campus, UBC Housing and Relocation Services has information on Kelowna as well as links to a variety of resources in the area. Please visit “Welcome to the Okanagan” to learn more.

UBC’s Faculty Home Ownership Program for the Vancouver Campus

The Faculty Home Ownership Program (FHOP), part of UBC’s Housing Action Plan (HAP), focuses on home ownership support for faculty. FHOP provides some loan options to help make home ownership more affordable for approved full-time faculty. For more information, visit the Program website.

For faculty wanting to rent their home

Faculty (and staff) who want to rent their property to new faculty at UBC may also contact Faculty Staff Housing and Relocation Services. Your rental accommodation details will be kept on an internal database and the FSHRS team will share the details of your rental with faculty and staff members looking for rental housing.