100 Years

A Retrospective

The Faculty Association reached its 100th Anniversary in 2020 and in lieu of some of the celebratory events that had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, we’ve put together a brief presentation highlighting some of the major issues we’ve faced in the last century. Our archives are rich with information; hundreds of documents exist as a testament to the work of members over decades. Not surprisingly, the issues we’re dealing with now would not be unfamiliar to our predecessors – academic freedom, equity, salaries and fairness, among many others. 

Our retrospective includes only a smattering of the material we’ve compiled over the years. A rich source of information has been William A. (Bill) Bruneau’s (FA President, 1992 – 94) brief “A Matter of Identities, A History of the UBC Faculty Association 1920 – 1990”. (Copies of his booklet are on the shelves at UBC Libraries.) Finally, bringing the distant past to life was helped by images from UBC’s Archival Photo Collection. 

Created & produced by UBCFA Communications