Workplace Problems

If you experience a problem, face an issue, or need information to help resolve a difficulty in your working life at UBC, we’re here to help.

The Faculty Association is your legal representative in all employment-related matters. This means that you have the right to:

  • consult with the Association at any time;
  • provide the Association with any information or documentation related to your work at UBC;
  • request that the Association officially represent you in any dealing with the university administration.

There can be no reprisal or retaliation from the administration for your having sought the advice and assistance of the Association.

What sort of issues can the Faculty Association help me with?

The Faculty Association is here to help you with questions and concerns stemming from your employment at UBC. Such concerns include the following:

  • Career Progression:
    • Appointment and Reappointment
    • Tenure and Promotion
    • Reduced Appointments
    • Retirement
    • Resignation
  • Compensation and Benefits:
    • Merit, PSA, and CPI
    • PDR Funds
    • Leaves (sabbatical, medical, parental, etc)
    • Health & Wellness Benefits
  • Work Environment:
    • Accommodations
    • Workplace conflict
    • Bullying and Harassment
    • Discrimination
  • Academic Freedom
  • Discipline
  • Investigations – whether you are a respondent or complainant
When should I contact the Faculty Association?
Is my enquiry confidential?
How do I get in touch with one of the Membership Services Officers?
What can I expect when I meet with an MSO? What, if anything, should I bring with me?
What is a grievance and what happens when I want to file one?
What happens if my issue cannot be resolved informally?
What happens if my concern cannot be resolved through a formal grievance?
What happens if I don’t agree with the Faculty Association’s decision? How does the appeals process work?
What happens if I decide I no longer wish to pursue my concern/issue/complaint?
How long will it take for my issue to be resolved? How long does the grievance and arbitration process take?