Career Development

It is the University’s responsibility to ensure that you have the tools you need to do your work well. Here are some resources which may be useful to you throughout your career:

Financial Support for Professional Development
  1. Start-Up Grants: available to tenure-track faculty, usually outlined in your offer-letter. The terms may be negotiated.
  2. Professional Development Funds: currently $1,700/year, available to sessional faculty with continuing appointments, librarians, Program Directors and tenure-track faculty. These funds can be banked for 5 years. Faculty Relations has more information regarding Professional Development Funds and details on eligibility.
  3. Faculty Travel Funds: additional to Professional Development funds, these federally funded sums for conference travel are available in most Faculties through the Dean’s office. For tenure-track faculty and in some cases sessional faculty. Contact your Head.
  4. UBC Research & Conference Grants: eligibility varies. The Office of Research and the Vice President Office of Research will have more information.
Some UBC Programs for Career Development:

New Faculty Orientation & Training


Training in Administrative Roles

Support for Underrepresented Groups


Promotion & Tenure Workshops (run jointly by the Faculty Association and UBC Administration)


Some Faculties and Units have formal mentoring programs; inquire of your Head and/or Dean’s Office.

If you’re new to UBC, you may opt to establish informal mentoring relationships with colleagues within and outside of your unit. Many faculty find it useful to find more than one colleague ahead of them in rank and whom they respect to consult with. You may also wish to seek advice from your head, from colleagues who have served on the Faculty P&T Committee or on SAC, from former heads, and from the senior colleagues in your specific sub-discipline. You may find it helpful to ask a mentor to visit your classes and give you informal feedback, or to review your syllabi, CV or grant-applications. The Faculty Association may be able to recommend a first contact if you’re in search of a mentor. Contact us for more information.