University Proposals 2010

On February 1, 2010, the University tabled the proposals below. Proposals are only the very first exchange of information between bargaining parties, to begin the bargaining conversation. Specific language and priorities will develop as a result of ongoing conversation between the parties.

1 February 2010

In addition to the Agreement on the Framework for Collective Bargaining, the Agreement on Salaries and Economic Benefits, the Agreement on Leave of Absence, UBC intends to address the following component in this round of negotiations: the Agreement on Conditions of Appointment for Faculty.

Based on the University’s objective of creating an exceptional learning environment which requires an approach that better rewards merit, we will propose the following:

  1. Housekeeping
    We have a number of general housekeeping issues (e.g. delete references to mandatory retirement given the agreement between the parties to abolish it in 2007).
  2. Article 17 – Preservation of Past Rights and Practices (p. 17)
    To encourage a fuller discussion on practices and new initiatives, suspend the operation of his article for the length of the collective agreement
  3. Article 21 – Grievance Procedure (p. 18)
    Amend the grievance procedures to better align the language in the agreement with the parties’ long-standing practices.
  4. Appendix A – Excluded Positions (p. 26)
    Update and confirm excluded positions including Senior Advisor to the President, Vice Dean (Faculty of Medicine) and Principal of the College of Interdisciplinary Studies, and equivalent positions.
  5. Article 2.03 – Career Progress Increments (pp 33 – 35)
    Amend the language to base career progress increments on successful performance rather than satisfactory performance.
  6. Article 2.04: Merit Awards and Article 2.05: Performance Salary Adjustments (PSA) (p. 35-38)
    1. Merge the two pools of money (merit and performance salary adjustments) into one merit-based fund reflecting FTE’s and salaries
    2. UBC has received formal notice from the UBCFA that it intends to withdraw previous acceptance of the University’s practices for allocation of merit and performance salary adjustment funds, arguing that the practice does not meet the contractual obligations set out in the agreement. Although it is the University’s position that the practice complies with the language of the collective agreement and has been in practice for many years, we will propose, on a without prejudice basis, amendments to the language so that it more clearly delineates the process for the allocation of such funds.
    3. Realign the period of review (i.e., the year) to reflect the current practice.
  7. Appointment Process – Faculty Component
    Streamline the appointment process for newly appointed Faculty.
  8. Tenure – Faculty Component
    1. Revise the existing tenure and promotion processes to allow for tenure in the professoriate only in conjunction with promotion to Associate Professor
    2. Revise the existing criteria for the teaching and research ranks to better reflect the University’s role and expectations as a top-ranked research institution.
    3. Amend the agreement to eliminate the right of appeal on a tenure or promotion case where the levels of review have all recommended against the decision in question.
    4. Simplify the periodic vs. non-periodic review schedule for tenure and promotion.
  9. Tenure and Promotion Review
    Where possible streamline the existing tenure and promotion procedures
  10. Article 3.04 – Senior Instructor (p. 69)
    Amend the language that allows a Senior Instructor to be considered for promotion to the professoriate by confirming that in making the promotion, the University is able to base its decision in part on whether the promotion serves the needs of the department and the University.
  11. Instructor Career Path
    Create a more deliberate career progression for the Instructors (i.e. create a third rank in addition to the ranks of Instructor and Senior Instructor) to encourage and recognize their development as teachers, in a way that reflects the career progression for members of the professoriate. This proposal, like all proposals, must be cost neutral.
  12. Benefit costs for Faculty Seconded to the UBC Faculty Association
    Consistent with the agreement that the UBCFA pays the salary costs for seconding a faculty member from his/her obligations to the UBCFA (through payment of salary equal to that of a Sessional Lecturer), the UBCFA will also pay the cost of benefit coverage for a Sessional Lecturer.
  13. Sessional Lecturers
    We understand the UBCFA will be tabling proposals on the Sessional Lecturers. At this point, given the scope of the Sessional Agreement, we are not tabling specific language regarding Sessionals; we reserve the right to do so in response to the UBCFA’s proposals


    1. Market Adjustments
      School of Nursing Market Adjustment: In order to address recruitment and retention issues at the School of Nursing (UBC Vancouver and Okanagan), the University proposes a pool of money be put in place for the School of Nursing.
    2. Productivity Lump-Sum Payments (Art. 7 – p. 43)
      1. Revise the target for the payment of the lump sum payment for research funding.
      2. Recognizing the budget issues facing The University and recognizing that the fund-raising target is not a meaningful measure of productivity for faculty, delete the productivity lump sum payment based on fund-raising.
    3. Adoptive Leave (pp 62-63)
      Concern has been expressed by adoptive parents that the current adoptive/parental leave provisions do not offer an adequate or fair opportunity for the adoption process to succeed.