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UBC Has the Money – Don’t Be Fooled by the Messaging

You will have noticed increases on your October 15 paycheque, as the University paid out the salary increases they owed you for 2012-2013. The increases they owe you for 2013-2014 will likely start to show up on the December 15 paycheque.

What the Arbitrator Ruled, and Why

On July 25, 2013, the Faculty Association and the University sent out a joint memorandum describing the details of the arbitration award for the years 2012 – 2014. We also linked to the actual award so that members could read it in its entirety. However many members have found the entire award a bit much to internalize and have asked us for a short, non-technical, explanation of the reasoning behind the salary settlement. Here it is.

Interest Arbitration Award: Joint Message from Provosts and Faculty Association to UBC Faculty Members

Yesterday we received the award of Arbitrator Colin Taylor Q.C. which decides the July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2014 Collective Agreement between the University and the Faculty Association.

Arbitration Update

The interest arbitration to resolve the dispute between the Faculty Association and the University about the terms of the 2012-14 Collective Agreement finished on Wednesday, June 5, although the arbitrator asked for additional information, which was supplied last week.

Arbitration Reply Submissions Exchanged

On May 24, 2013, the Faculty Association and the University exchanged their formal reply submissions with each other (UBCFA and UBC), and with the Arbitrator, Colin Taylor.

Arbitration Briefs Exchanged

On May 8, 2013 the Faculty Association and the University exchanged their formal submissions with each other, and with the Arbitrator, Colin Taylor. The actual arbitration will take place on June 3-5, 2013. The two parties have submitted final proposals (UBCFA and UBC) on all outstanding issues.

Arbitration Rescheduled – The Real Story

Message from Nancy Langton, UBCFA President

Members will recall that the Association and UBC were scheduled to begin five days of mediation-arbitration this week. Unfortunately, the Arbitrator, Colin Taylor, became ill and had to cancel the dates at the last moment. This was a very disappointing development, but clearly not one either party had any control over.

Report on Further Negotiations

Last week the University contacted the Association and suggested they were prepared to make a new offer in the week of December 10. Although we started meeting with the University at the beginning of the week, unfortunately, it turned out that they were not, in fact, prepared to make an offer until today. 

Recent Salary Settlements at Comparator Universities

One of the primary objectives of this round of bargaining is to bring our salaries back  in line with those of other Canadian universities of comparable academic quality and size.

UBC offers 0.4% for 2012, the Faculty Association Declines

The Faculty Association and the University had set aside this week (October 22-26) to continue negotiations towards a new Collective Agreement. Both parties had hoped that an agreement could be reached at this time, but unfortunately the parties are still far apart on a number of issues, key among which is the Across-the-Board (ATB) salary settlement.

Faculty Salaries at UBC and Elsewhere

In May 2012 Maclean’s magazine published an article comparing median faculty salaries at Canadian universities for 2010/2011. The data were provided by Statistics Canada’s Centre for Education Statistics through the University and College Academic Staff Survey.

Bargaining Resumes

After a long hiatus over the summer, negotiations between the Faculty Association and the University have resumed. As we noted in our June 28 blog, our intention was to set arbitration dates before resuming. The parties have agreed on a date for binding interest arbitration with arbitrator Colin Taylor.

Negotiations on Hiatus until October

When negotiations between UBC and the Faculty Association began on February 14, the parties set the third week in June as the date when we would take a hiatus, if necessary.


We are hearing increasingly from faculty who are concerned with the rising demands placed on them, especially with respect to teaching and service, and with the way workload is managed in their units.

Contract Academic Staff

We have two general types of members who teach: those who are tenure stream and those on term contracts of one type or another.  How many of our members are contract faculty? A lot more than many people realize.

Guest Blog: Equity for All

The University of British Columbia Faculty Association, echoing the Canadian Association of University Teachers, recognizes the importance of securing equity for all members of our bargaining group. The Faculty Association aspires to take a leadership role in realizing equity by negotiating a full equity provision in the Collective Agreement.

Progress Through the Ranks Increases

The salary structure of every university in Canada comprises, to a greater or lesser extent, two major components; across-the-board increases (Bargaining Blog 2012 – Salaries at Comparator Institutions) previously discussed), and progress through the ranks (PTR), which at UBC is also called the career advancement plan (CAP).

Guest Blog: University’s Parental Leave Proposal

I have been reading over the University’s bargaining proposals as posted on the Faculty Association website. I am writing to express my significant concern with the University’s proposal #6, Maternity / Parental / Adoptive Leave During Pre-Tenure Period.

Minimum Scales for Sessional Faculty

In 2010, one of our bargaining proposals was for a unified minimum salary scale for all sessionals. We have this as one of our bargaining objectives this year as well. Here is the rationale we provided to the members in 2010:

Salaries at Comparator Institutions

What is our primary objective in looking at a salary increase for 2012-2014? Our primary objective is to achieve a sufficient across-the-board (ATB) salary increase to protect the entire salary structure of our members from the effects of inflation, and to ensure that salaries at UBC maintain pace with salaries at other Canadian universities of comparable academic quality and size.

The University’s Bargaining Proposals

On February 14 the Association and the University met for the first time for the current round of Collective Bargaining. During this meeting the Parties exchanged proposals and provided a general overview of the problems the proposals are intended to solve, or the objectives they are meant to accomplish.

Bargaining: How the Process Unfolds

Negotiating for a new Collective Agreement began in earnest on February 14, when the Faculty Association proposals and the University proposals were exchanged.

What Should We Bargain?

Upcoming contract negotiations begin in early 2012, but right now, we want to hear from you! Come to the Faculty Association’s face-to-face consultations and tell us what you think. The Association is coming to your area of campus to hear your issues and answer your questions.

Call for Volunteers

In preparation for the 2012 round of negotiations with the University, the Faculty Association is seeking applications for volunteers for the Bargaining Preparation Committee and the Bargaining Advisory Committee.