Arbitration Update

Bargaining Updates 2012

The interest arbitration to resolve the dispute between the Faculty Association and the University about the terms of the 2012-14 Collective Agreement finished on Wednesday, June 5, although the arbitrator asked for additional information, which was supplied last week.

The bargaining team worked very hard on behalf of all members of the Association to present a set of proposals, both financial and non-financial, that represent the interests of quite a diverse membership. That was a tough job. We believe that the team could not have done a better job on behalf of our members in presenting its case at bargaining, mediation, and arbitration.

As we noted in previous emails, all of the submissions related to the arbitration can be found on our website. We also wish to call to your attention that the University delivered an additional reply submission at the arbitration. This new submission can be read here. We again invite you to read all of the submissions to help you understand the issues at stake and the parties’ viewpoints on these very important matters.

We do not know when the arbitrator will reach his decision, though it would not be surprising if it was not until early fall. Meanwhile, we share the views of David Farrar, Provost and Vice-President Academic, and Wes Pue, Provost and Vice-Principal, that looking forward it is important to put differences behind us, learn from our experience and work towards re-establishing a more productive relationship between the parties based on collaboration and shared interests.

We will keep you posted on how that desire unfolds. Have a great summer.