Call for Volunteers

Bargaining Updates 2012

In preparation for the 2012 round of negotiations with the University, the Faculty Association is seeking applications for volunteers for the Bargaining Preparation Committee and the Bargaining Advisory Committee.

Bargaining Preparation Committee:
Volunteers are needed to assist with the technical preparation stage of collective bargaining including reviewing recent University policies and collective agreements of faculty associations across the country, and conducting salary reviews.  The committee will also be responsible for developing bargaining objectives and proposals to be approved by the Executive Committee.

The expectation is that the committee will meet bi-weekly, for at least 6 hours at each meeting, for the duration of the term.

Bargaining Advisory Committee:
The Bargaining Advisory Committee will provide advice and support to the Faculty Association’s bargaining team on an issue by issue basis.  Meeting schedules for this committee will be on an ad hoc basis throughout the period of negotiations.

If you would like to be considered for the Bargaining Preparation Committee or the Bargaining Advisory Committee, or if you would like more information on the function and time commitments required of volunteers, please email us your name and contact information.