Excellence in Research. How About Professional Development Funds?

Bargaining Updates 2010
Professional Development Funds

UBC claims to rank in the top 40 internationally for research-intensive universities. The university states that this achievement in excellence “is supported by strategic efforts to promote funding success, research infrastructure, the recruitment and retention of talented faculty members, and knowledge mobilization.”

Knowing how much the university values being considered excellent, the Faculty Association bargaining team decided to compare the levels of professional development funds at other universities in the province. The table below tells the story: UBC is second to none. The university falls at the bottom of the list in the amount of professional development funds available to faculty. The next closest school (Royal Roads University) provides more than twice as much in professional development funds to its faculty. Our cross-town neighbour, Simon Fraser University, provides almost four times the amount that UBC does. All of these schools are funded by provincial grants. Perhaps excellence in professional development funds could be a new target for the university?

Simon Fraser University: $1,910
University of Northern BC: $1,500
University of Victoria: $1,450
Royal Roads University: $1,200
University of BC: $500