UBCFA Supports the Call for the Creation of a Disability Task Force

The UBCFA Equity Committee’s Disability Working Group works to identify structural sources of ableism, bias, inequity, and exclusion within UBC’s policies, procedures and practices and advance the interest of disabled faculty within the institution. In the wake of two prominent Tasks Forces aimed at addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion at UBC, the Faculty Association Executive has joined the increasing calls from UBC’s disability community for a similar focus on the working conditions, barriers, and other exclusions experienced by disabled faculty, students, and staff on our campuses.

On Tuesday, February 6th, 2024, the Faculty Association Executive and Equity Committees sent a letter of support for the creation of a Disability Task Force to President & Vice Chancellor Benoit-Antoine Bacon. The letter received unanimous support from our Executive Committee and the Disability Working Group and we urge the University to establish this important initial step in creating a fair and equitable workplace for all our members.

A full copy of the letter that was sent to President & Vice Chancellor Bacon is available here