A Special Message from the Executive Committee on supports for those impacted by violence in Israel and Gaza

The UBC Faculty Association Executive Committee is deeply saddened by the unimaginable suffering and innocent human loss in Israel and Gaza. The Executive would like to acknowledge that many of our members have family, kin and colleagues directly impacted by the ongoing conflict and violence. Many are worried for their loved ones or in deep distress for all those who are suffering, making it difficult to fulfill faculty duties. These members may need information and assistance on navigating work at this difficult time.

Please reach out to the Faculty Association if you need information on supports available to you through the Employee and Family Assistance Program or about personal leaves and other supports available to all faculty in distress.

We hope for peace and healing for all our relations in the days to come.

Dory Nason,
On behalf of the Executive Committee

For those members needing assistance, please email the Faculty Association at [email protected].