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Call For Comments – Proposed New Policy: Policy #104

Please take the opportunity to express your voice in the formation/change of university policies!

The University is proposing a new Policy #104 (Acceptable Use and Security of UBC Electronic Information and Systems) to replace existing policies #104 (Responsible Use of Information Technology Facilities and Services) and Policy #106 (Access to and Security of Administrative Information).

We have attached the rationale for the changes that were presented to the Board of Governors as well as both the existing and proposed policies. Below you will find the University’s comments on the proposed new policy.

Please review the proposed changes to see if you have any questions or concerns. You can submit your response to the Faculty Association by January 11 to be considered when we formulate the Association’s response, or you may forward your concerns directly to the University by January 25. If you do submit a response to the University directly, please copy us so that we’re aware of your response.

Intellectual Property Rights at Risk

The Faculty Association is very concerned about proposed revisions to Policy 88, Intellectual Products (formerly called Patents and Licenses). Some of the elements, if implemented, would appear to seriously erode your intellectual property rights, and negatively impact your academic freedom.

We have attached the Association&rsquos response to the proposed changes, and you can also find it here. A copy of the proposed policy is here. I urge you to review our concerns, and send an email to Hubert Lai, University Counsel, copied to us, to express your concerns. Comments on the revised policy are due to Mr. Lai by October 7, so you must act quickly. We do not think it is in the best interest of faculty members to have the revised policy implemented and I think a strong signal should be sent about this to the University.

Nancy Langton