UPDATE: University Proposes to Implement PTR Increases

Bargaining Updates 2014
Career Advancement
Salary Increases

In our bargaining blog this week, we discussed our proposal to remove the contract-specific dates on which PTR increases (CPI, Merit, and PSA) are implemented so that faculty members would receive anticipated annual salary increases even when we have not finished negotiating the next collective agreement. While the University has not agreed to this proposal, President Gupta has assured the Faculty Association that interest accrued on our delayed salary increases has nothing to do with the University’s position on this issue. We accept unequivocally his assurances.

It turns out that when President Gupta learned that the arbitration on our collective agreement would not take place until late October, he had initiated the processes necessary to present to the Faculty Association a proposal to implement PTR increases before the arbitration without prejudice to either parties’ positions in bargaining. There are many technical steps in making this proposal, and our bargaining blog was published before the Administration had an opportunity to communicate this proposal to the Faculty Association.

We are pleased to share the good news that the University is proposing to the Faculty Association that the University implement CPI, Merit, and PSA increases for faculty members for 2014 before the arbitration. Naturally, the Faculty Association has agreed to this.

The University and the Faculty Association will release a joint communication shortly to all members eligible for PTR.