Lecturer Appointments and Reappointments

Appointment & Reappointment
Bargaining Updates 2014

While the parties have agreed on many issues there are a number of issues still in dispute. On some of these issues the parties are likely to engage in further discussion that might lead to resolution, others will have to be decided by an Arbitrator. Please note that any items agreed to at the bargaining table will not be implemented until the interest arbitration is complete. This is the thirteenth in a series of blog posts to discuss both the matters that have been agreed to and those that are still in dispute, and the fifth dealing with matters still in dispute.

The Association has several proposals that relate to Lecturers but some pertain to workloads which will be covered in different blogs. In this blog we are focussing on their appointments and reappointments.

Lecturers are completely anomalous in the Collective Agreement. Unlike every other classification, there is no language pertaining to either their appointment or reappointment. There are more than 225 Lecturers in the bargaining unit; the vast majority are on 12-month contracts. Normally Lecturer appointments run from July 1 to June 31 and if they are reappointed, which is typical, they are considered continuing members and entitled to career progress increments, merit and PSA awards. Clearly these are faculty members who are expected to continue in their jobs over time. Yet, unlike Sessionals, Lecturers have no right to reappointment, and unlike every other member in the bargaining unit, there is no process for appointment of Lecturers. The normal procedures for appointment contained in Part 4, Article 5, explicitly exclude Lecturers. We have made two proposals in this regard. First, that as a general principle, Lecturers have the right to reappointment and that the only reasons for non-renewal of appointment of a Lecturer shall be teaching performance, lack of funding, or discontinuance or non-scheduling of courses or sections. Second, that appointments to new Lecturer positions be made from qualified Sessional candidates who apply internally, when there are such candidates.

We believe these proposals to be fair and reasonable and would reassure Lecturers that they are valued members of the UBC community.