Bargaining Resumes

Bargaining Updates 2016

After a long hiatus caused by scheduling difficulties, the Faculty Association and the University resumed bargaining on April 5th and 6th. We are bargaining today and have another 8 full days of bargaining scheduled between now and the end of June.

The Association has tabled proposed contract language on all of its non-salary items. With one exception the University has similarly tabled proposed contract language on its non-salary items. It is fairly typical for salary issues to be discussed after non-salary proposals have been explored. We are hoping to have a discussion on a General Wage Increase, and other salary-related items, in May.

Because discussions are ongoing, and because each party is likely to modify some its proposals in response to discussion at the table, we are not going to comment on the University’s positions at this time. However, as we did in the last round, we do intend to produce a series of blog posts over the next two months that explain, for every one of our proposals, exactly what we are attempting to achieve, and why it is important to our members to achieve it.

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