Upcoming Webinar Series: Planning for Retirement

The Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE) and Fidelity Investments® are hosting three webinars* to help faculty members plan for life after retirement. During the sessions, participants will explore the social, psychological, and emotional dimensions of pre- and post-retirement. All faculty members who are approaching retirement or have recently retired are welcome and encouraged to attend. The series is tailored to academics and is free of charge. 

If you cannot attend the webinars live, they will be recorded for later viewing. The dates and titles for each webinar in the series are:
Tuesday, January 30th @ 10:00AM – Reframing Your Identity,
Tuesday February 13th @ 10:00AM – Reimagining Your Personalized Plan and,
Tuesday, February 27th @ 10:00AM – Rebuilding Your Network.

If you wish to attend this series, you can register here. For more information, please visit the AROHE website here.

*This series of webinars are in addition to the Transitions to Retirement seminar offered biannually by UBC Faculty Relations and the UBC Emeritus College.