Special Notice from Campus and Community Planning: Campus Vision 2050

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As part of the process to amend the Land Use Plan (LUP) for the Vancouver campus, a legislatively required public hearing was held November 7, 2023. The purpose of the public hearing was to give everyone with an interest in the LUP an opportunity to share comments. It was the final phase in an 18+ month Campus Vision 2050 public engagement process that included opportunities for UBC community members and campus residents to give input, share ideas and raise concerns through workshops, a design charrette, open houses, meetings, and surveys, resulting in over 13,000 engagement touchpoints.

Community involvement, including what was heard at the public hearing, has played an important role in shaping and refining Campus Vision 2050 (Vision), the Housing Action Plan (HAP) and the LUP, including updates that were made to the LUP following the public hearing, such as:

  • Updated tree canopy protection commitments and direction for enhancing species diversity and soil conditions to address concerns about campus ecology and biodiversity.
  • Confirmation UBC has land capacity for future student housing growth beyond the planned 3,300 new beds and a commitment to develop strategies for future student housing growth, including in the Acadia area, in response to concerns about housing affordability and calls for UBC to build more student housing.
  • A new range for neighbourhood open space in response to concerns about livability and wellbeing as the campus grows.
  • A commitment to more frequent LUP reviews to respond to changing housing financial opportunities and to be consistent with recent provincial legislation.

A summary of the comments made at the public hearing as well as a video recording of the hearing will be presented to the UBC Board Governors at the December 5th meeting, along with a detailed summary of the past 18+ months of public engagement, and the final drafts of the Vision, the HAP, and the updated LUP. [These drafts can be found on the Campus Vision 2050 news feed]. The Board will consider the comments, any refinements to the Land Use Plan, and submitting the Land Use Plan to the Province of BC for adoption. You can review the report prepared for the Board of Governors on the Board website.

To read a summary of the comments made at the public hearing, you can view the Public Record, which also contains a link to the video recording of the hearing. To learn more about the Campus Vision 2050 public engagement process that led up to the public hearing, you can read the Engagement Summary: Needs and Aspirations and The Engagement Summary: 30-Year Vision.

You are also able to watch the December 5 Board meeting via livestream, which will be posted on the Board of Governors website on the day of the meeting.

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