September 2020 Study Leaves, CPI

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to provide information to faculty members who may wish to cancel their study leaves that are scheduled to begin September 1, 2020 and to respond to questions we have been receiving related to CPI entitlements in light of our agreement with the University on tenure clock extensions.

Study leaves – September 1, 2020

The University and the Faculty Association have agreed to allow faculty members who are slated to begin a study leave on September 1, 2020 to cancel the leave. If the leave is cancelled, there will be no deferral or automatic priority for the next leave. Faculty who elect this option will have to re-apply for the leave, which will be handled as normal within departments.

CPI Entitlements:

The University and the Faculty Association have agreed that there will be no change to the CPI schedule for members who take the extension to their tenure clocks. We agreed not to alter the CPI schedule as we do not alter it when tenure clocks are extended for medical leaves, for example, or in other situations where there are unusual circumstances affecting a member that requires an extension. We believe this approach is the most equitable for the membership as a whole.

I’d like to thank all our members for their extraordinary efforts over the past few weeks. Wishing you and your families a safe, happy, and healthy long weekend.

Bronwen Sprout