Sauder Workload Policy


Dear Colleagues,

As many of you know, the Faculty Association filed a policy grievance regarding the School’s workload policy (available here). In filing the grievance, we raised a number of issues with the Policy including a concern for academic freedom, a concern that all faculty members be given an equitable opportunity to engage in and be rewarded for research activities, and a concern that the processes of determining workload for individual members are in keeping with the provisions of the Collective Agreement. We held discussions with the Dean’s Office and Faculty Relations to hear the University’s response to our concerns and how they could be addressed. Following that meeting the Faculty Association withdrew the policy grievance on a without prejudice and precedent basis.

We are writing to advise you that although the policy grievance has been withdrawn, we have maintained the right to bring forward individual member grievances regarding the application of the Policy, and in particular, instances where faculty members believe their teaching loads have been unfairly assigned or where they allege that they have been denied the freedom and flexibility that is promised in the Policy.

If you have any concerns about your workload, or the basis upon which it is assigned, please contact Deena Rubuliak. She can meet with you confidentially to discuss your concerns.

Yours truly,

Marg Wright
Chair, Member Services & Grievance Committee