Call for Members: Anti-Racism & Indigenous Initiatives Committee

The UBC Faculty Association Anti-Racism & Indigenous Initiatives Committee (ARIIC) is seeking new members. This Committee is responsible for identifying sources of structural racism, anti-Blackness, and colonialism at UBC and exploring measures to reduce and eliminate these and other forms of bias and discrimination against racialized members. Members engage in advocacy, networking, and other activities to promote and advance social justice, reconciliation, and decolonization within the FA, UBC and the University Committee more broadly.

We look forward to working with faculty members who are committed to anti-racism and to assist the Association with enacting our commitments to Truth and Reconciliation. If you are interested in this committee, please email us at [email protected].

Following ratification by the Executive Committee, new members can attend committee meetings. The committee generally meets once per month during the Fall and Winter terms.

I hope you will consider joining us.

Kevin Chong
Chair, Anti-Racism & Indigenous Initiatives Committee