UBCFA Member Advisory: Update on grievance regarding arbitration award timeline

14 November 2016

Dear Colleagues:

The interest arbitration award from the 2014-2016 round of collective bargaining was issued on March 31, 2016. The University developed a timeline to pay out the retroactive increases that means faculty will not receive their full salaries and the 1% annual bonus until December 15, 2016. For comparison, the previous arbitration award (2012-2014) was paid in 4.5 months, not 8.5 months.

Upon release of this timeline, we heard from many of you that this was an unreasonably long delay in paying out the arbitration award, and so we filed a grievance (Please see our Member Advisory 9 August 2016). The Administration has denied this grievance and so it is now proceeding to an expedited arbitration. The matter will be heard on December 8 & 9. The Faculty Association is seeking interest for our membership on any monies owed beyond July 31, 2016.


Mark Mac Lean, President