Further Information on July and September 2020 Study Leaves

Dear Colleagues,

The Faculty Association and the University have continued to refine our agreements related to future dated study leaves and we now have further information to share with you.

Members may now cancel and defer a study leave that is scheduled to begin July 1 or September 1, 2020.

Members who cancel and defer a leave while maintaining the original terms of the leave (for example, a 12-month leave at 80% of salary) will accrue time toward eligibility for their next study leave as of the date they were originally scheduled to return from the leave that is being cancelled.

Members who cancel a study leave that is scheduled to begin July 1, 2020 or September 1, 2020 that was originally scheduled at a lower salary rate (for example 60% for a 12-month study leave) will be entitled to cancel their leave outright and continue to accrue time toward eligibility for a future leave at the higher salary level (e.g., 80% for a 12-month study leave). Members will have to apply afresh for the study leave using the normal process.

In order to assist the Head with making appropriate plans for deferred leaves, members will be asked to submit a revised study leave plan. There will be no automatic priority to take the deferred leave, but it will be scheduled as soon as it is reasonable to do so and must be taken before the faculty member is eligible for their next study leave. The faculty member must have at least one year of regular service between leaves.

Members who wish to cancel a study leave that is scheduled to begin on January 1, 2021 or later may do so, but there will be no deferral and no accrual time allotted. The member will have to apply for a study leave afresh as per normal processes.

We’ve posted the revised memos the University sent to Heads and Directors on both campuses, to our website for your reference.

Bronwen Sprout


Memo to UBCV Heads and Directors
Memo to UBCO Heads and Directors