Tenure Clock Extensions, Librarians Pre-confirmation Period, Admin Leaves

Dear Colleagues,

We continue to work with the University on agreements to address the issues confronting our membership during these challenging times and are pleased to announce that we have reached agreements on extensions for tenure and confirmation-track colleagues, and an agreement on administrative leaves.

Tenure clock extension for all tenure track faculty members

The University and the Faculty Association have agreed to provide a 1-year tenure clock extension for all tenure track faculty members.

The extension will be effective July 1, 2020 and will automatically be applied to faculty members’ tenure and promotion review schedules. The extension will not apply to any faculty members whose review for promotion is currently in progress (e.g. those whose files were submitted in September 2019).

If a faculty member prefers not to have their reappointment timeline adjusted, they may elect to have the 1-year extension added to the end of their tenure review cycle. Faculty members choosing this option must notify their Head by June 1, 2020.

Similarly, if a faculty member prefers to not avail themselves of the 1-year tenure clock extension, they must notify their Head by June 1, 2020.

Assistant professors and Instructors remain entitled to be reviewed early for an optional review for promotion pursuant to Part 4, Article 9 of the Collective Agreement.

Extension of pre-confirmation period for Librarians & Archivists

Librarians and Archivists will be entitled to a 1-year extension to their confirmation-track period. Librarians who wish to avail themselves of the extension should notify their Head by June 1, 2020.

As with faculty, Librarians whose reviews are already underway will not be entitled to the extension.

Administrative leaves

The University and the Faculty Association have agreed that former Heads who are currently on administrative leaves may request to their Dean to defer a portion of their administrative leave. Any agreement to defer will be made within the spirit of the agreement reached regarding study leaves. If the faculty member and the Dean are unable to arrive at an agreement on a deferral, the Faculty Association, Faculty Relations, Vancouver or Human Resources on the Okanagan campus can be contacted to assist with the discussions.

Please contact the Association if you have comments or concerns.

Bronwen Sprout