Update on the New Collective Agreement


Dear Colleagues,

It has been several months since we ratified our new collective agreement (CA), during which time the FA has been focused on matters relating to disruptions to the workplace as a result of the pandemic. However, we have not forgotten about the new agreement. Here is a compendium we’ve put together to explain the changes that were agreed to at the bargaining table that form the new collective agreement. We are working with the University to finalize the new CA and expect to have a pdf with the full text which will be distributed electronically, and on our website, next month with print versions to follow when activities on campus have resumed. (In the meantime, you may wish to cross reference this compendium with the marked-up version of the agreement contained in the ratification package.)

As this is my final day in office as FA President, I would like to thank our members for the opportunity to serve in this role, as well as my colleagues on the FA Executive for their contributions over the past two years, and the FA’s Executive Director and staff for their continuing efforts and skill in solving members’ workplace issues. All my best to incoming President, Alan Richardson, and new members of the Executive.


Bronwen Sprout