2018 UBCFA Executive Election

Announcing the Nominees

Dear Colleagues,

Your UBCFA Executive Committee members volunteer their time to help guide the Faculty Association’s operational and policy decisions including advocacy, negotiation, education, communication and planning decisions. This year, a vote is being held to elect our Association President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, Chair, Contract Faculty Committee, and three Members-at-Large for 2-year terms. Nominations closed Thursday, March 1 at 11:59 p.m. More information on the candidates and the election will follow soon.

Nominees standing for election:

  • President
    Nominees: Michael Pidwirny (UBCO, Earth, Environmental and Geographic Sciences), Martin Schulz (UBCV, Sauder School of Business), Bronwen Sprout (UBCV, Digital Programs and Services, Library)
  • Vice President
    Nominees: Alan Richardson (UBCV, Philosophy), Peter Wylie (UBCO, Economics/Philosophy/Political Science)
  • Treasurer
    Nominees: Arjun Bhardwaj (UBCO, Faculty of Management), Doris Doudet (UBCV, Neurology)
  • Secretary
    Nominees: Annamma Joy (UBCO, Faculty of Management), Karen Smith (UBCV, Microbiology & Immunology)
  • Chair, Contract Faculty Committee
    Nominees: Sarika Bose (UBCV, English), Kanchan Sarker (UBCO, Sociology)
  • Members-at-Large (3 Positions)
    Nominees: Robert Campbell (UBCO, Education), Todd Campbell (UBCO, History and Sociology), Shirley Chau (UBCO, Social Work), Meghan Corella (UBCV, Education), Amin Ghaziani (UBCV, Sociology), Nancy Langton (UBCV, Sauder School of Business), Vesna Sossi (UBCV, Physics and Astronomy), Xiaowen Xu (UBCV, Asian Studies)

Congratulations to the following nominee who has been elected by acclamation:

  • Alan Doyle (UBCV, University Archives)
    Chair, Librarians & Archivists Committee

The election will take place on-line starting the week of March 19th and ending at the start of the Annual General Meeting, 1:00 p.m., April 5, 2018.

We thank all candidates who have agreed to stand for positions on our Executive.

The UBCFA Nominations Committee

Members of the 2018 UBCFA Executive Election Nominations Committee: Mark Mac Lean, Past-President (Mathematics), Stephen O’Leary (Engineering, UBC Okanagan), Anthony ParĂ© (Head, LLED), Sunera Thobani (Asian Studies, GRSJ) and Deena Rubuliak (Executive Director/Ex-Officio).