Join the Dialogue: UBC’s Proposed Policy 83

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Please take the opportunity to express your views on UBC’s Proposed Policy 83 (Travel and Other Business-Related Expenses)

The University is inviting comments on Proposed Policy 83, stating that the new policy will consolidate a number of narrower policies into one, providing an integrated, principle-based framework to govern use of UBC funds in connection with business-related expenses. They also say that the new Policy will allow for the repeal of a number of related policies governing expenses in order to create user-friendly, clear and concise guidelines regarding expenditure and claim reimbursements at UBC.

The rationale that was presented to the Board of Governors for the amendments to Proposed Policy 83 is available at this link >.

Please review Proposed Policy 83 and if you have any questions or concerns with the Policy, let us know by responding to this email or sending an email to the Faculty Association by Friday, January 18, 2019 to be considered as we formulate the Association’s response. You also have the option of forwarding your questions or concerns directly to the Office of the University Counsel (Deadline: February 1, 2019).

If you do submit a response to the University directly, please copy us ([email protected]) so that we’re aware of your comments.

Thank you.