Faculty Association Statement on Steven Galloway Arbitration

As the exclusive bargaining agent for Faculty, Librarians & Archivists, and Program Directors, the UBC Faculty Association has a duty to fairly represent members in matters arising out of their employment with the University. Our fundamental role in this regard is to ensure that all members receive fair and due process and the protection of their rights in any proceedings conducted by the University.

The Faculty Association grieved that the University’s communications regarding the termination of Steven Galloway had violated his privacy rights, and caused him serious and irreparable reputational harm.  The arbitrator found that certain communications by the University contravened Mr. Galloway’s privacy rights and caused harm to his reputation.

The Faculty Association’s research indicates that the typical range of damage awards for breach of privacy and reputational harm in Canada has in the past been $500-$10,000.

The Faculty Association will continue to work diligently to protect the rights and interests of its members at UBC.

(The Summary Award document is available at this link.)