Sessional Conference Fund 2018


Travel Grants Available for Sessional Faculty


The UBC Faculty Association and UBC are pleased to announce travel grants for sessional faculty who will be presenting papers at academic conferences in 2018.

Depending on demand, this year’s grant will have a maximum value of up to $1800.00 and may be used for travel, accommodation, meals (per diem) and conference fees. You may claim expenses for presenting at a conference you attend in 2018 while you are on contract at UBC, or for a conference while you are on leave so long as you return to UBC later in 2018. (For example, you may claim expenses for a conference you attend during the summer so long as you are teaching at UBC in the fall.)

If you anticipate that you will be delivering a conference paper this year and would like to apply for one of these grants, please fill in the attached Application Form (also available on the UBCFA website and on the Faculty Relations website) and forward it to the UBC Faculty Association at [email protected] by February 28, 2018. Successful applicants will be notified.

For more information about the Sessional Conference Fund and Travel Grant, please visit the Sessional Conference Fund web page.