Memorandum of Settlement

Memorandum of settlement re: Vacation for Librarians, Archivists, and Program Directors

The University of British Columbia and the UBC Faculty Association have reached a settlement on grievances related to vacation in the Library. The agreement, in brief, is as follows:

1. Maternity, parental, and adoptive leaves:

The University will now provide paid vacation for the full length of all maternity, parental, or adoptive leaves. Members affected by the past pro-ration of vacation for maternity, parental or adoptive leaves, starting July 1, 2014, will have the number of weeks’ of paid vacation added to their vacation banks as they would have been entitled to had their leaves not been pro-rated. This vacation is not subject to the maximum carry-over of two weeks (10 days). However, the additional paid vacation must be used before end of December 31, 2022.

Library HR will reach out to Librarians who are affected by this change.

2. Vacation Entitlements

Vacation entitlements for Librarians and Archivists will be as follows:

  • Vacation will be pro-rated for the first year of employment based on start date
  • After 1 year’s continuous service – 4 weeks
  • After 5 years’ continuous service – 5 weeks
  • After 8 years’ continuous service – 6 weeks

Up to 2 weeks of vacation may be banked and carried over to the succeeding year of entitlement but it must be taken during the succeeding year of entitlement.

3. Supplemental vacation

Supplemental vacation will be discontinued:

Members who are currently within four years of achieving a supplemental benefit as of now, will be entitled to the next supplemental vacation benefit, following which supplemental vacation will be discontinued. This means that Members who achieve the following employment anniversary dates within the four-year period following execution of this Agreement will be entitled to supplemental vacation as follows:

  • 13 years’ continuous service, 1 week
  • 18 years’ continuous service, 2 weeks
  • 23 years’ continuous service, 3 weeks
  • 33 years’ continuous service, 4 weeks

Members who are entitled to supplemental vacation as per above will remain entitled to use that supplemental entitlement over a period of five years from the employment anniversary date on which it is granted.

Library HR will create vacation entitlement notifications for Librarians receiving supplemental vacation as noted above.

The Faculty Association will be inviting Librarians and Archivists to an online forum to discuss the settlement and answer any questions about the grievances and the settlement. An invitation will be sent around shortly.