Executive Election 2020 – Call for Nominations

2020 Election of UBCFA Executive Committee Members

The Nominations Committee of the UBC Faculty Association is seeking candidates for the upcoming election of Executive Committee members. There are twelve vacancies, each for a term of 2 years (unless otherwise specified). In order to give the membership time to consider these opportunities, the nomination period will remain open until Sunday, March 1, 2020, closing at 4:30 p.m.

The Election will run from Monday, March 16 to Monday, March 30, 2020, closing at 4:30 p.m. Members will be receiving a unique email link to vote online. If you have any questions about the positions or the election, please contact the Nominations Committee at [email protected] or 604.822.3883.

Nominations are open for:

  • President*
    Nominee(s) to date:

    • Alan Richardson (Philosophy, UBCV)
  • Vice-President
    Nominee(s) to date:

    • Dory Nason (Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies, UBCV)
  • Secretary
    Nominee(s) to date:

    • Karen Smith (Microbiology & Immunology, UBCV)
  • Treasurer
    Nominee(s) to date:

    • Arjun Bhardwaj (Management, UBCO)
    • Doris Doudet (Neurology, UBCV)
  • Chair, Contract Faculty Committee
    Nominee(s) to date:

    • Sarika Bose (English, UBCV)
  • Chair, Librarians & Archivists Committee
    Nominee(s) to date:

    • Anne Olsen (Library, UBCV)
  • Chair, Member Services & Grievance Committee*, 1-year term
    Nominee(s) to date:

    • Timothy Taylor (Creative Writing Program, UBCV)
  • Member-at-Large: 3 positions, 2-year terms; 1 position, 1-year term
    Nominee(s) to date:

    • Chris Addison (Chemistry, UBCV)
    • Steven Barnes (Psychology, UBCV)
    • Shirley Chau (Health & Soc Development – Social Work, UBCO)
    • Meghan Corella (Language and Literacy Education, UBCV)

Okanagan Faculty Members only:

  • Chair, Okanagan Faculty Committee, 1-year term
    Nominee(s) to date:

    • Diana Carter (Languages & World Literatures, UBCO)

*Eligibility requirements: pursuant to Section 3.11 of the Bylaws – Candidates for the position of President must have prior service on the Executive Committee. Candidates for the position of Chair of the Member Services and Grievance Committee must have prior service on that Committee.

If you are interested in standing for election, please download the nomination form and submit it to the Faculty Association by Sunday, March 1, 2020. If you would like a nomination form sent to you, please email us.

Members of the 2020 UBCFA Election Nominations Committee: Bronwen Sprout, President (Library – Digital Initiatives), Nancy Langton, Past-President (Sauder School of Business), Mark Mac Lean, (Mathematics), Elizabeth Hodgson, (English, UBCV), Stephen O’Leary (School of Engineering, UBCO), and Deena Rubuliak (Executive Director/Ex-Officio).