Next Community of Practice for Contract Faculty


1:00 pm, Thursday, January 19, 2017 (Registration required)
Irving K Barber Learning Centre, Chilcotin Room 256

Title: Wellness/First Year Experience Workshop

The TLEF project “How Teaching Practices Influence Student Mental Health and Wellbeing” reveals how instructional practices can have a positive impact on the student learning experience by promoting their wellbeing. This interactive session will share our findings, integrate ideas and share strategies via group discussions. Participants will leave with instructional tools that will not only promote but inspire pedagogy that incorporates student wellbeing in their classroom. Come join your fellow Contract Faculty Members to learn about some of these simple but practical methods that you can try out in the coming term!

Facilitators: Karen Smith and Sarika Bose

To register, please visit the CTLT registration page.

For more information as well as this year’s schedule of Community of Practice sessions, please visit the Contract Faculty Community of Practice (CFCoP) page on the CTLT website.


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