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Maternity/Parental Leave

The Association has proposed a significant revision to the maternity and parental leave Article in our Collective Agreement (Part 3, Article 6). There are a number of particular issues around maternity and parental leaves that we are attempting to solve.

Maternity, Parental or Adoptive Leave and Tenure Clock Extension

Currently, under Part 3, Article 1.03 of the Collective Agreement, when a pre-tenured member takes a maternity, parental or adoptive leave their pre-tenure appointment is extended by one year (thus extending the “tenure clock”). In the 2012-2014 bargaining round UBC made a proposal that if the leaves were less than 15 weeks in length there would be no extension of the tenure clock, but if they took a leave of 15 or more weeks there would be a one year extension. That proposal made no sense to us then, and we did not accept it.

Guest Blog: University’s Parental Leave Proposal

I have been reading over the University’s bargaining proposals as posted on the Faculty Association website. I am writing to express my significant concern with the University’s proposal #6, Maternity / Parental / Adoptive Leave During Pre-Tenure Period.