*UPDATE – August 2017* 
Information for Lecturers is changing. This page will be updated with new information shortly. 

There are two ranks of “teaching only” faculty at UBC, Lecturers and Instructors. While in both ranks duties other than teaching are often performed, and sometimes required, the primary responsibility of faculty in these ranks is to teach credit courses.

Lecturers who are appointed by the UBC Board of Governors for a period of less than 12 months are known as Sessional Lecturers whereas Lecturers are appointed for a period of 12 months or more. Both of these types of appointments within the lecturer rank are term appointments without review, which means that they are non-tenure track contract appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which agreement am I covered under?

Lecturers are covered under the Agreement on Conditions of Appointment for Faculty.

Q: Is there any guarantee that my Lecturer appointment will be renewed?

Term appointments without review carry no implication of further appointment upon expiration of the specified term.

Q: If I am not renewed as a Lecturer, can I still work as a Sessional Lecturer?

If you had achieved continuing status as a Sessional Lecturer before you were a Lecturer, then you can return to that position if you are not renewed. If there is no work for you as a Sessional Lecturer at that time, you can maintain your right to recall for up to 24 months. Or, you can opt for a payout of one month of salary for every year of service to the University, in which case you lose your seniority and benefits.

Q: How can a Lecturer become an Instructor?

All Instructor positions must be advertised and a full job search conducted. Lecturers may apply for any such posted position at any time. They will be judged on qualifications and teaching performance. Length of service to the University will be considered only where all other factors are equal.