18 February 2016

Dear Colleagues:

The interest arbitration between the UBCFA and UBC to settle our collective agreement has been taking place this week (February 16 to 18).

Members who wish to read the submissions that the UBCFA and UBC have made to the arbitration panel can find these documents on the Faculty Association website in our bargaining blog.

Dr. Nancy Langton, Chair of the Bargaining Committee, and Dr. Jim Johnson, Chief Negotiator, have been leading the Faculty Association’s bargaining and our preparations for this arbitration. As you can see from the documents we submitted, their work has been outstanding. I am deeply grateful for their leadership and dedication to both bargaining and the arbitration preparation. The Faculty Association is fortunate to have such members who are committed to achieving the best outcomes possible for the membership.

I also wish to thank Dr. Rick Gooding and Deena Rubuliak for their contributions to the bargaining team.

Once the arbitration hearing is completed, the arbitration panel will deliberate and provide a written ruling on the matters before them. We are uncertain when we will receive this ruling. For our last interest arbitration in 2013, we received the arbitrator’s ruling within 60 days, but this should not be taken as predictive for the current arbitration.


Mark Mac Lean, President

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